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The Religion of Spiritualism

The philosophy of spiritualism is based on the seven fundamental principles.

  1. The fatherhood of God.
  2. The brotherhood of man.
  3. The Communion of spirits and the ministry of angels.
  4. The Continuous existence of the human soul.
  5. Personal Responsibility.
  6. Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth.
  7. Eternal progress open to every human soul.

Spiritualism is not as commonly believed in a sinister cult meeting in a darkened room to call up the dead but an officially recognised religious movement with its own churches and ministers, who possess the same rights and privileges as other religions.


Proof of survival

Spiritualism is in itself our religion in that embodies the main ideas of all religions that there is a life after death, immortality and the existence of a God. The difference between spiritualism and other religions is the ability through mediumship to prove that man survives the grave, there is to say certain people called mediums can communicate with those who have passed over, thus furnishing conclusive evidence of their continued existence in another world. Mediums cannot call up these people as one would a friend on the telephone, they come to us only when they are ready, willing, and able to do so.


Not anti-Christian

Spiritualists are often accused of being atheists or anti-Christians. Spiritualists are not anti-Christian any more than they are anti-Jewish, anti-Hindu or anti-Muslim. Spiritualism is a universal religion recognising such leaders as Buddha, Mohammed Moses as well as Jesus. Another major difference between spiritualism and the orthodox Christian religion is important in al 5th principle, which is Personal Responsibility. We do not accept that Jesus died on the cross to save us from as sins. We hold that no one can do this but ourselves. We are given free will and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and we alone are responsible for all our thoughts and actions.


God is not vindictive

Further, we do not believe in the vindictive God sitting in judgment over us. We are our own judges here and now and we shall receive compensation and retribution for whatever we have done, whether good or bad. Heaven and Hell are not places to which we are destined to go, but states of mind our creation.

We do not automatically become spiritual when we leave this world. we shall in fact, retain our earthly characteristics wall the opportunity will be given throughout eternity to make spiritual progress and undo any wrongs we committed on earth so both free will and personal responsibility will still be with us in the world to come.

We are living in a material age in which orthodox religion has lost its impact. Any religion therefore that can successfully overcome this materialistic influence must be scientific, overcoming this spiritualist influence must be scientific, end spiritualism is just that. It has turned the pious hope of the hereafter in two a scientific fact. The event of the spirit of man into this world over time, his transition to another world is a scientific fact proven by the mediumship.


What is a medium?

Mediums are ordinary people who have throughout training developed their natural psychic ability to enable them to communicate with the spirit world.
There are three main types of mediumships, mental physical and healing. The reason for so many forms of mediumship is that our friends in the spirit world will use whatever means they can to get through and help us understand the truth for everlasting life.

Mental mediumship is by far the most common and falls into two categories perception and control. First perception, in this spirit communicator, works through the medium’s mind and he or she can see, hear, or sense pictures sounds or feelings, they will perceive them either subjectively or objectively. In the control state the medium will go into trance, this will enable the spirit control to speak through the medium or to do automatic writing.

Physical mediumship is now quite rare, possibly because it takes many years to develop. This is a direct form of mediumship as everyone present will witness the same phenomenon. Spirits can speak directly with their voice or even materialise for all to see objects can also be levitated and moved around the room with no visible means of support.

Healing Spiritualist healing is among the great forces of spiritualism healing the sick either by personal contact the laying on of hands working on the mental physical emotional and spiritual needs of the recipient. On the hands or through absent healing recipients are treated often at great distances away by the sending out of healing thoughts and prayers. Many incurable diseases have been successfully treated. However, no healer can guarantee a cure, but at least he can alleviate suffering, ace a passing, and possibly affect a complete cure.

Spiritual healing is not faith healing. If you think about it, babies or pets cannot have faith, yes, they all can benefit from spiritual healing.

We do not expect You to accept these things blindly, but we do invite you to prove our claim for yourself.


Types of services

There are several different types of spiritual services, the most common being divine service, specials, open circles, and the healing service the divine service is held on a Sunday usually at 7:30 we start with him and then the guest speaker and demonstrator will give a short talk usually on spiritualist philosophy. After a second it is time for the demonstration of the medium ship. This is when the medium will communicate with those in the spirit world and relay the messages to someone in the audience.

The special service is very similar to the divine service and having a demonstration of mediumship these are on other evenings at 7:30 PM.

The open circle allows everyone to practise and develop their mediumship everyone sits facing inwards forming a rough circle beginner or trained medium alike. They then take turns to practise their gifts.

At the healing service, people can usually come and go as they please there being no need to stay for the whole service some even bring their pets along for treatment.


Need help!

Being able to communicate with the spirit world is not just for the gifted few. We believe it is the right of everyone. To this end, we have made available our most valuable assets, how mediums, our knowledge, and our experience. Members of the public can gain access to our expertise in one of the three ways.


The Arthur Findlay College is open most of the year, for day visits or weekend Anne wake long courses. It is situated in Essex near Stansted Airport.

We also offer a training and development scheme.

Through this scheme, we aim to offer help locally, to anyone who wants to work for Spirit. We can arrange awareness groups, basic or advanced development groups, and seminars we can also offer help and advice for setting up a home circle.