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What is Healing

What is the meaning of spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is a systematic and purposeful intervention performed by one or more people to help another person, focused on improving their condition. There is evidence that the use of spiritual healing has been increasing rapidly over time, worldwide.

SNU Healing Mediums practice healing based on the philosophy and teachings of Spiritualism and they are bound by the strict rules and regulations of the SNU. The ‘SNU Healing Code of Conduct’ is strictly followed by these professionals, who undergo rigorous practical and theoretical training for a minimum of one year. This training covers important aspects such as patient greeting, understanding the source of healing energy, how to administer it, and legal implications related to healing. It is a common misconception that Spiritual Healing is effective only because of the faith or belief of the person receiving it. However, this is nothing but a myth. Spiritual Healing does not require faith or belief on the part of the patient. Even a child, animal, or someone in a coma can receive and benefit from Spiritual Healing irrespective of their beliefs. Nevertheless, patients must be aware of their well-being and continue with any prescribed medical treatment. The healing process is spiritual and can have a beneficial effect on all levels, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The Healing Mediums may not have prior knowledge of the patient’s health condition, but their healing can still be beneficial.

Our Three Methods of Healing

Contact Healing

Contact Healing is when the Healing Medium seeks permission to place their hands on to the patient during Healing.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing is healing sent by the power of thought to someone who is physically present but is not receiving contact healing.

Absent Healing

In Absent Healing the patient is not physically present and healing thoughts are extended to them.

Registered Accredited Healing Mediums

Beverley Bryant

Photo of Bev Bryant

Beverley has a long history with the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) spanning many years. She has taken on the role of Accredited Healing Guild Leader and education coordinator, recognizing the importance of healing in spiritualism.

MMsc, BMsc

Minister, Accredited Spiritualist, Healing Medium (SNU), Accredited Bio Reflexograph, Analysis (aura & chakra), Medium, Colour & Sound Therapist, Reiki, Crystal Bed and Ajna Light Therapy, Spiritual Counsellor, Metaphysical Teacher, Tutor: SNU

Ayleen Dixon

Photo of Ayleen Dixon

Ayleen Dixon is a Medium, Intuitive Reader and a SNU Accredited Healing Medium.

She has been a Spiritualist for most of her life and has a close connection to Spirit.

She has dedicated her life to help others connect to their loved ones and to help them in their personal life.

She is also a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Animal Communicator and Spiritual Teacher.

Ailz Smith

Ailz Smith is an accredited Spiritual Healing Medium, Intuitive Medium, Numerologist, Reiki intuitive, Tarot/Card reader, Metaphysical teacher, private tutor, Platform Medium, meditation and sound facilitator, and Psychometry.

She has embarked on a profound journey into Spiritualism. This path has not only enriched her life but has also empowered her to guide others towards their awakening and the realisation of their limitless potential.  Her journey into spirituality has been a profound and fulfilling one, and she is deeply committed to supporting others on their paths of self-discovery, healing and spiritual growth.

Through her work, she aspires to inspire and uplift others, helping them awaken to their true essence and embrace the infinite possibilities that await them.


Registered Training Healing Mediums

  • Vita Capelinha
  • Sharon Deslandes
  • Tolga Erok
  • Sue Evans
  • Carmen Jamieson
  • Phil Jamieson
  • Sharriell Mason
  • Cameron Muir-Smith
  • Faun O’Neal
  • Lisa Quin
  • Allison Thomas
  • Andrew Thorpe