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Spiritual mediums are people who have developed their psychic awareness, by learning to raise their consciousness to a higher level and use this training to communicate with those in the Spirit world who may still wish to communicate with us, just as they would if they had moved to another part of the world.

There are two types of mediumship, mental and physical. 

Mental mediumship is what we use to demonstrate with on the service evenings and times like today. 

Mediumship, in no way involves fortune telling. It is to prove the reality of survival after so called death and to pass on practical help and understanding where needed.

Spiritualism is concerned with the way we live here and now and the advice given should add meaning and a deeper sense of purpose to life. 

One goal we all have in common is our purpose to help others. 

Spiritual healing is practiced in our centres, it is given before the service each week. It is administered by the laying on of hands and should not be confused with faith healing.

Absent healing through thought and prayer is available during our services and through our network of Spiritual Healers on other occasions. 

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